Professional products for household jewelry care!

Jewelry cleaners and polishes Alladin are produced for cleaning gold and silver ware and bijouterie.
Allaldin products will restore shine and cleanness to your jewelry, souvenirs and silverware.

Allaldin products

Allaldin products



Alladin products efficiently remove all soiling, patina and oxidation from metals and stones. Alladin quality is approved by all necessary documents, that could be provided upon your request.

Alladin cleaners and polishes are known more than 5 years at the jewelry market and distributed by more than 10 000 jewelry shops in Russia and CIS countries.


It doesn’t matter which material your ring (earrings, bracelet…) is made of. It can be made with gems or decorated with any material… In Alladin product line you can find cleaners for every application. You can also get a consultation about all opportunities and dangers as to prevent it.

On every Alladin product you can find safety instructions that prevent any possible damage of your jewelry.


Alladin is the best product to use at home. You don’t need to go to special workshop and waste your time waiting for jewelry cleaning. Our professional products will help you to clean your jewelry quickly staying at home.

The cleaning and polishing process depends on complexity of dirtying, but takes from 1 to 7 minutes only. You will be gratefully surprised with the effect!


Alladin Advantages

Alladin prices depend on point of sales, but nevertheless it always profitable if cleaners and polishes are used several times.

Cleaning with Alladin products is 250 times more economical than in jewelry workshop.

One bottle can be used up to 500 cleanings per year, polishes can be used up to 250 times.

Ask Alladin products in jewelry shops of your city!

Easy to use

Alladin Advantages

Alladin cares about your comfort and usability of our products for home use. So, we offer ergonomic bottles 200 ml for cleaners with additional staff: brush and bolter.

Also we offer smaller bottles 50 and 100 ml for those who do not have lots of jewelry to clean. These products will surprise you with a pleasant price and will take a small place for storing.

Alladin polishes have different sizes for all applications:
7х7 cm, 14х7 cm, 28х28 cm. 


Alladin Advantages

Jewelry care services are manly provided by jewelry workshops for which cleaning and polishing are not core workings. For that reason they don’t attend much attention to this service.

Alladin is well-known for its professionalism. We know everything about jewelry care, for that reason we can guarantee that cleaning with Alladin will exceed your expectations.

Alladin consultants will advise the best way for using our products as jewelry care would be more efficient!

Alladin products is the best choice for jewelry care at home! 

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